An ancestral technique for traditional smoked salmon

La maison Barthouil lies on a bank of the Pyrenees’ tributary where the rare French wild salmon swim upstream. Over the year, our savoir-faire of slowly smoking salmon vertically at low temperatures over alder tree chips consistently creates quality produce. This cold-smoke process is carried out on carrefully selected farmed and wild salmon. Our family smoking techniques provides a delicate and lightly smoked taste that enhances the salmon.


Our processing includes:

  • Filleting done by hand
  • Scaling and rinsing fillet by hand
  • Scarification to allow for more effictive and uniform salt penetration
  • Salted with dry seasoning, delicatly rubbed by hand
  • Drying fillet in vertical position
  • Smoked and hung over alder wood chips for at least 20 hours
  • Smoke is constantly renewed
  • Slicing is always by hand

A commitment to respecting tradition.

Establised in the heart of the foie gras region in the south west of France, la Maison Barthouil continues the traditional method of raising the local duck breed le Picaillon, as does the technique of feeding them whole corn by hand. Our rigorous standards enable us to produce unique foie gras and duck meat that is recognised by its’ superior taste.

  • Our “Picaillon” ducks are reared free range in small flocks of approximately 200 by local and committed éleveur-gaveur (duck farmers and feeders).
  • Rearing in small groups means that the picaillon duck grows up in a healthy
    environment with access to grass.
  • Our duck have been selected for their slow growth. Maturity is at least 14 weeks, almost 27% longer then average.
  • Our exclusive Barthouil feed is Genetically Modified Organism-free (with a
    minimun of 50% corn then mixed with other cereals)
  • Ducks are gavés (fed) with GMO-free whole corn sourced from the South west of France.
  • Livers are matured in the whole duck to obtain a rich and complex flavour.
  • Pure mineral salt is used for seasoning, with a blend of peppers and a touch of



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